‘Many people talk about 'self distribution', a few of 'new business models'. No one I know has had the imagination, creativity and energy that 2D Cinema are showing in getting audiences to see their film 'Big Font Large Spacing'. They are a true inspiration to all of us in the film industry.’  Peter Buckingham, distribution specialist & former Head of Distribution and Exhibition at the BFI. 


In September 2009 we completed our debut feature film – BIG FONT. LARGE SPACING. The film is an unique exploration of British student life as two slacker psychology students aim to complete an essay in 12 hours. The film premiered at the Atlanta film festival.

The next stage was distribution. Six months of intense research resulted in a clear realisation that the outlook for small films with no advertising budget is pretty bleak. A depressing number of really good independent films disappear without a trace. You won't have heard of them. You probably never will.  It was time to think differently.
So we built our own cinema. We designed and built a 10 foot outdoor cinema screen. We bought an HD projector. We bought a sound system and put it all in the back of a campervan. In 2012 we completed our 3rd year of university touring and have now screened to just short of 3,000 students at 23 different universities.


                                                                         A British University Comedy from 33Story Productions